Post Love has its roots in Austin, Texas, where husband and wife are raising their two amazing and also challenging children.

Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, Registered Nurse, and Mama; Brooke Nichol, has performed, assisted and recovered thousands of cosmetic surgeries and aesthetic procedures for the past 20 years. She was most recently named a Top 100 Injector in the United State in 2018 and has been an Allergan Medical Institute trainer for the past 5 years. She currently runs and manages 9 employees at Saving Face, in Austin.

Jason Nichol decided after 20+ years in commercial construction that life is too short to be unhappy and started his new journey. AMEN! He is currently CEO and founder of a software start up when he is not running operations for Saving Face, Austin’s premier anti-aging Boutique Injectable Lounge. Functional and plant-based medicine can have significant impact on a person’s health and wellness. Jason has personal success and experience with the benefits of CBD helping him sleep and live an overall balanced life.

How Faded began. During post procedure follow calls, providers would consistently hear the same thing over and over again from patients. Those receiving non-invasive treatments had complaints of soreness, swelling, and questions like, “What can I do about the bruises?” and “How long is this bruise going to last?”. Realizing there was a big need among clients for something that could work effectively and safely while speeding up the healing time, was the launching pad for “Faded”, Post Love’s first born.

Scientific research has been published claiming CBD to be an anti-inflammatory and assisting everyone with everything from seizures too insomnia. No doubt this plant-based medicine was on the rise and Hemp was not just hype, it really heals. After many clinical trials and different formulations we believe to have found the magic.

The creation of Post Love is in line with Brooke and Jason’s desire to constantly and actively seek out the latest technologies and therapies to provide the most effective treatments to clients. Some of the biggest fears for those that seek injectable treatments are swelling, bruising, and pain that is often associated with the procedures. Faded is proven to help relieve some of these fears.

Our vision is to see Post Love as a standard of care for all industries using modalities that can bruise or inflame the tissue. We feel blessed to be in the service industry helping others and bringing this miracle, plant-based medicine, to the masses.