100% Organic Hemp – The Difference 


Where hemp is sourced and grown is very important for several reasons. Hemp is a direct product of its surroundings including the soil where it is grown. Hemp is really amazing for its abilities to possibly help with numerous ailments for people or pets, but it is also very good at helping detoxify the soil it is planted and the air where it grows. Hemp grows rapidly and detoxifies the air absorbing the pollutants. If grown in an area with a lot of pollution, including some parts of Asia or Eastern Europe, that hemp can be as toxic as air. The same holds true for soil. Hemp is very good at removing heavy metal toxicity, pesticides, and other toxins from the soil. Eastern Europe and Asian countries will grow hemp to help with pollution and then harvest and package the hemp to be sold to the United States, some of which becomes Hemp Extract or CBD oils that are sold as natural medicine for people. This is why it is so important to know where your hemp is being sourced from because depending on where it is grown it can be either clean and grown in an organic matter like from Colorado, or it can be riddled with toxins from being grown in Asia or Eastern Europe.  


We firmly believe how the hemp is farmed, even in the United States is also important.  Plants that are cultivated in soil that is certified organic, and grown in a manner free of pesticides is very important to the quality of the cannabinoids that are later extracted from that plant. We also believe that the process of hand harvesting and hand trimming the whole hemp plant results in better quality cannabinoids than hemp that is just farmed on huge farms and harvested with big machines and combines.


This is why Post Love chose to partner with a company that cultivates all of their hemp on their USDA Certified Organic Family Farm.